Board of Directors

As a group of non-paid volunteers, our Board of Directors employs the Executive Director, approves budgets, determines policy, and provides oversight as the agency’s governing body. They are a balanced group of community professionals, as well as individuals with family members who experience intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. All are committed and knowledgeable to issues affecting the agency and its mission.

To have a well-functioning board requires that each board member share responsibility for governance by holding various positions. Our Board President typically serves for a two-year term.

2021 Board of Directors
President: Bob Stirling
Vice President: Dave Langlois
Secretary: Mel Erickson
Treasurer: Greg Oaks
Member-at-Large: Caryl Knudsen
Member-at-Large: Joe Carroll

Board Meetings

CAS Board of Directors typically meets on the third Monday of each month at Community Access Services’ main office in Beaverton.

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